Meet the Team


Andrew is our oldest mechanic here and his knowledge is truly an asset to our company. My husband actually worked with Andrew at Ryder when my husband first started working there and he trained Tim on several things. When Tim got word that Andrew had left Ryder, after 38 years with the company, Tim got right on recruiting him for our business. He has been with us since December of 2012. Andrew is a great Diesel mechanic but he is also just a great mechanic in general. Andrew can tell me why something works and how it is supposed to function and that helps me speed up on diagnostics as well. He is very particular in his work and does a great job when it comes to being able to communicate to one of us or the customer about what is going on with the vehicle, what is most likely the cause, how we are going to take care of it and signs of what to look for or how  to prevent it from happening again.


Rocky has also been with us since December of 2012. Rocky is a younger guy but no less of a mechanic. Rocky also worked at the same factory as I did and has the same knowledge I do on the putting together a vehicle. Rocky was also a tech for their big equipment at the factory so he has a lot of hydraulic and wiring knowledge. Rocky is like me in the sense that he isn't afraid to try anything. He loves to learn and can also let you know how things should be working and what other components could be affected if you don't take care of things when they first start showing signs of needing repairs. Rocky is probably our quickest tech so when I know I need something done in Mach speed time he is our man. Rocky's speed and ability to learn quickly are a great asset to our team. 


Vance is our newest mechanic. He came to us last summer, had been working on equipment like Rocky but at the Caterpillar plant. He was looking for something different and has been a great asset. Vance although not as knowledgeable as the rest of us on vehicles, is a quick learner and picks things up quickly. Vance's willingness to do what is asked and get the job done quickly efficiently is an asset to us as well.


Troy is my brother and works for us in the realm of janitorial and assisting the mechanics. Troy has had a severe head injury that affects his memory and his ability to remember things. He is a great asset to us as he can move from job to job assisting different people, if we are having a day that is majorly busy he puts tools away between jobs and cleans up the work area for the next job. It is a blessing to have someone who can help in that aspect. Troy had worked with us from when we started at our house and has been off and on since.


John is also one of my brothers. John moved to Missouri in January of last year and has been with us since February of last year. He is our IT and scheduling guy. John also helps on the floor when needed. John has been a great asset in helping us get more organized and creating a system that can handle our growth and not lose the importance of customer service. Our customers have been with us for many years and we have grown by word of mouth, we really don't advertise so for us that personal touch is and will remain a focal point of our business. Our customers have come to expect a level of personal service and communication that we are very proud to nurture and blessed to call our norm. Sometimes when you grow and you have new people take over a position you had taken care of, things tend to get lost and customers fear change, as we all do, and want to speak to who they are used to speaking with and John has been great with helping our customers understand that we still have their best interests in mind and should they really "need" to speak to one of us he will make it happen. Our customers now speak to John without any worries as to whether or not they will be "taken" care of and when Tim and I see them are just

as happy as ever with the level of service they are receiving.


Mary is Tim's sister. Mary is our front office person. She greets the customers, takes parts and takes money. Mary also takes on the decorating for the different holidays and things. I don't have time for much of any of those things anymore and it is nice to have someone who loves to do that kind of thing. She is also our event planner, any charities we are to attend or events for business that we need to attend she is always on top of it so we don't miss important things that are just not part of the everyday grind. She has been a great asset in helping me stay organized.