Does My Choice in Oil Affect Change Intervals?

May 31, 2017

Oil changes are probably the most recognized service on a vehicle. Almost all Columbia residents know about them. But do we know enough?Several decades ago, oil changes were fairly standard: every three months or 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometers. But recent advances in both engine technolo... More

How Do You Save Gas in Columbia, Missouri?

May 23, 2017

No one in Columbia, Missouri, likes to spend a chunk of change at the gas pump. Rising Missouri fuel prices, however, have spurred Columbia drivers to focus on how to improve their fuel economy. North Americans literally drive billions of miles/kilometers less each month during times of hi... More

Columbia, Missouri Winter Prep Service for Your Auto

May 14, 2017

When winter approaches in Missouri, Columbia residents break out the sweaters, coats, boots and mittens. We want to be ready for Missouri winter conditions. Your vehicle needs to be ready for winter as well. The last thing Columbia residents want is to get stranded out in the cold. You need your ... More

Introduction to Diesels for Columbia, Missouri

May 13, 2017

Something you're going to be hearing a lot about around Columbia, Missouri, is diesel engines. We're not talking about semi-trucks and buses; we're talking about diesel engine cars, pick-ups and SUVs.Most people in Missouri are surprised to learn that around half the cars on the road in Eu... More

Automotive Tips from Tim's Automotive: Battery Testing

May 12, 2017

The simple fact is that 70% of car batteries fail within 4 years. They just need to be replaced at Tim's Automotive when they are no longer able to hold a full charge.Batteries are a big ticket item for most Columbia drivers and its tempting to put off buying a new one as long as possible. But a ... More

Why Wheel Balancing and Tire Rotation Save You Money on Tires

May 11, 2017

Columbia drivers want their tires to last as long as possible. Two ways to extend tire life are wheel balancing and tire rotation.When wheels are out of balance, they wobble and vibrate. That makes the tires wear in a cupping pattern. If a front wheel is out of balance you'll feel it in th... More

Fuel Injection Keeps Getting Better for Columbia Motorists

May 10, 2017

Columbia residents know that engines burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your engine where it is squirtedor injectedinto your engine's cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors.There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in the ... More

Deciphering the Tim's Automotive Menu Board

May 9, 2017

Let's talk about deciphering the auto service menu board. Columbia, Missouri, service centers like Tim's Automotive have a board that lists the routine services they provide. But some people don't know what these services really are unless they ask. Let's go down a typical list, in alphab... More

Are Modern Vehicles Maintenance Free?

May 8, 2017

In our auto video today we'll be talking with Alan Peterson about myths surrounding automotive maintenance. You can lump these myths into the statement that "modern vehicles are so reliable, they are virtually maintenance free."Any good myth has some elements of truth. No offense to Colum... More

Why People in Columbia Hesitate to Get Their Vehicle Serviced

May 8, 2017

A recent report stated that over 80 percent of the vehicles on our Columbia, Missouri, roads have one or more service or repair that's needed but hasn't been taken care of. Now that's a lot of undone service. That translates into something over 160 million vehicles in North America alone. ... More